The John McAfee Movie !

Welcome to The John McAfee Movie, Formerly the John McAfee Experience !
This series covers my experiecnes working for the mad man.
From his introduction in Atlanta to me being kidnapped by John McAfee

The series starts with the time John McAfee kidnapped me to help hide him from the CIA presumably because he did too much drugs !
After that I reflect upon what lead me up to that moment and how I ended up working with John McAfee.

Chapter 1
I discuss my former business Ontario High Speed and a device we made called e-tagged that tracked mobile devices from their radio emissions.
My mentor William Lishman (Fly Away Home 1996) suggested we contact John McAfee and send him a demo video.

Chapter 2
I discuss meeting John McAfee as well as how he planned to re-create the success of the michelangelo virus by creating both the problem and the solution yet again.

Chapter 3
Vegas and Alabama, I meet the creator of the popular torjan subseven and get to drink with McAfee in Vegas.

Chapter 4
Work Visas, The Office, John McAfee hacks WhatsApp messenger and Gringo shows the world John McAfees hammock aficionado status

Chapter 5
Sentinel, And John McAfee uses anonymous as his own personal army to protest outside of Trump tower.

Chapter 6
Sentinel TNG, The office hack, And John McAfees Appendix.

Chapter 7
More new managers, The John McAfee Privacy Phone, Fuck you google, I AM JOHN MCAFEE!, Assassination attempt/meth orgy with overdose.

Chapter 8
The Woodstock washington protest, McAfee demoted shoots up house, McAfees future plan to harness Anonymous!.

Chapter 9
Sentinel Beta Testing & Product Launch

Chapter 10
Getting kidnapped by John McAfees campain of freedom

The John McAfee Movie